Drink Responsibly ALCOHOL POLICY

A Fun-Filled, Safe Environment

Consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises of the Three Rivers Campus is a privilege, not a right. We want your time at our conference center to be a remarkable and safe experience, which is why we’ve outlined the below alcohol policy. 


  • At no time will Campus Management waive the authority to enforce any and all policies.

  • Campus Management reserves the right to suspend or completely discontinue the sale or service of alcoholic beverages at any event.

  • Campus Management and staff can and will check identification to assure a guest seeking service or in possession of any alcoholic beverage is legally able to do so. No one under the age of 21 will be allowed to possess or consume alcoholic beverages on the campus. Guests without identification when asked will not be allowed to consume or possess alcoholic beverages on campus.


All allowable forms of I.D. must not be expired, must picture the individual it represents, and must be readable in English. These would include:

  • A driver’s license issued by any U.S. state or Canadian province

  • An identification card issued by any U.S. state or Canadian province

  • A Washington state temporary driver’s license accompanied by a punched driver’s license

  • A Government-issued Passport

  • A valid Military I.D.


  • Wine being brought in is to be delivered, identified, and documented with Campus staff at least 24 hours in advance of the function.

  • Corkage: A special occasion license MUST be obtained for this exception and a copy must be presented to the Convention Center prior to your event.

  • Alcoholic beverages that remain sealed in baskets or gift boxes for awards, or gift exchanges can be allowed without charge. However, removal of the beverage from the sealed basket or box will require its immediate removal from the building.

  • Clients intending to bring in alcohol, including wine, intended for raffle, silent, or live auctions must obtain a Special Occasion License from the Washington State Liquor Control Board. A copy of said license must be shared with your Event Manager and on file when the function is happening. This alcohol is not for on-site consumption and the same rules for gift baskets/boxes referenced above apply.

  • Alcoholic beverage tasting events can be held at the facilities. Campus Management reserves the right to define what constitutes a tasting event.


  • Individuals may not bring any alcoholic beverage onto the premises at any time.

  • Alcoholic beverages brought into a building on the campus will be confiscated and poured out.

  • Guests will not be allowed to become intoxicated on the campus premises. Guests that appear intoxicated will not be able to consume or possess any alcoholic beverages at the event.

  • Failure on behalf of the guest(s) to immediately comply with instructions from staff regarding alcoholic beverages can result in ejection.

  • At no time may any alcoholic beverages be sold for consumption on campus by any person or organization except by the Three Rivers Campus Management.

  • All alcoholic beverages to be consumed on the premises will be served only by M.A.S.T. certified individuals.

  • No more than two alcoholic beverages may be provided to a guest at any time.

  • Opened alcoholic beverages, including wine, may not be removed from the premises.