Indoors and Out GOING GREEN

Environmentally Conscientious

The Three Rivers Convention Center has fully embraced the Going Green concept, including recycling and buying local, for events and for our day-to-day operations. Though almost everything in conjunction with Going Green is more costly, attention to the environment is part of doing business. We look at every aspect of 'green' to justify what we are doing. That justification may not be in the short-term, but in looking at the long-term impact on the environment and ultimately, on our business. 


Three Rivers Convention Center is committed to being “green.” China and silver are set with reusable cloth table linens. Water is served on request and by the pitcher. Condiments are served bulk style and the local fare is purchased from nearby farms and businesses whenever available. Excess food and beverage from events is donated to local shelters and soup kitchens.

On-site LCD monitors scattered throughout the facility and campus are used for event information, reducing the need for printed signs.

All events at the Three Rivers Convention Center benefit from the overall green initiatives listed on this web page. Knowledgeable staff is available to consult with meeting planners wanting to conduct their meetings in a green manner.


Three Rivers Convention Center is committed to recycling – both in public areas and service areas. Recycling containers are located throughout the facility for paper, plastic, and aluminum. Cardboard, newspapers, pallets, and other back-of-house materials are bundled and recycled. Left-over materials from events are collected and re-used and/or recycled. 

An abundance of natural light decreases the need for lighting; thus, reducing electrical needs. Temperature and lighting are kept at minimal levels on non-event days and motion sensors control lighting in intermittently used spaces.

The indoor air quality is monitored for carbon dioxide concentrations to insure safety and comfort for our guests. The Washington State Clean Air Act prohibits smoking within 25 feet of any entrance to the Convention Center. Attendees are encouraged to use refillable water bottles.

Three Rivers Convention Center has established a relationship with the Benton PUD to provide ongoing energy audits and recommendations. Installation of energy-saving HVAC systems and programmable temperature control and lighting devices has reduced energy consumption by 40%, saving over $100,000 annually. Low-flow and water-less fixtures, along with a concerted effort by staff ,completes the plan to reduce overall water use.

Using low-fume emitting paints, carpets, adhesives, and composite woods throughout the Convention Center provides a healthy environment for our employees and guests. The air handling systems were sealed and filtered during installation, with a full building flush of fresh air after construction was complete. A permanent monitoring system for carbon dioxide concentrations ensures the safety and comfort of our staff members and guests.

Located in the heart of the Tri-Cities, Three Rivers Convention Center encourages low-impact transportation, which reduces energy and emissions. The Convention Center provides easy access to mass transportation, bike trails, and pedestrian walkways. Lodging, shopping, dining, and entertainment are within walking distance, including an attached hotel. Convenient access to bus lines makes it easy to get around the Tri-Cities.


Our commitment to recycling started during construction. 75% of the overall non-hazardous construction debris was either salvaged or recycled. In return, more than 50% of the products used in the construction of the center were regional materials coming from within a 500-mile radius of the project, reducing fuel required and emissions released during transportation.

An emphasis has been made on purchasing products and materials that are recyclable, made of recycled content, and that help reduce waste. When equipment is replaced, Energy Star rated products are purchased and local suppliers are used whenever possible. Products are purchased packaged in bulk with recycled materials, cutting down on waste and disposal. Sharing equipment among the three venues (the Three Rivers Convention Center, the Toyota Center and the Toyota Arena) eliminates multiple purchases and greater waste.

Every effort is made to reduce paper consumption by doing business via email or phone. When printing is necessary, printing on both sides of the paper is encouraged. Multi-purpose office equipment (all-in-one fax, printer, scanner, copier) uses less energy and space. A recycling container for paper is located in each building .

The Three Rivers Convention Center established a “green” cleaning policy to reduce exposure to potentially hazardous chemical contaminants that adversely impact air quality or impede building occupants’ well being. Cleaning products that meet Green Seal standard GS-37 and low VOC compounds are used throughout the campus. All products meet EPA standards with high post-consumer recycled content. Disposable cleaning cloths have been replaced with reusable cloths to reduce paper use and waste.

The Planner's Guide and catering menus are located on the Three Rivers Convention Center website and available for download, reducing the cost and paper used for printed materials. The Planner’s Guide is also available on CD by request.